Special Needs In The General Classroom, Strategies That Make It Work

Special Needs in the General Classroom, Strategies That Make It WorkA Personal Education Coach in a book! How to Nurture Student Learning and Foster Success This book shows you how to identify, face, and solve the teaching challenges you may experience in an inclusive classroom. From co-teaching issues to collaboration between educators, parents and students, this book empowers educators and students to maximize learning potential and help each person succeed in the classroom.
This is a book you cannot afford NOT to have.
Learn twelve brain-based learning principles and how to apply each one in your classroom. Gain access to valuable templates and guidelines that offer effective classroom management techniques. Learn proven strategies that enhance memorization and recall for any student at any learning level. Give your students the priceless gifts of empowerment, accountability, and motivation to tackle any learning challenge. Learn practical strategies today and implement them in your curriculum tomorrow. Discover effective ways to use technology to supplement instruction.
Gain precious insight and tips on how to help students with attention and distraction issues. Acquire useful learning techniques for students in the autistic spectrum. Become skilled at differentiating for multiple intelligences and enhancing the learning experience for ALL students. Learn how culture and language bias become barriers to learning and how to overcome these challenges. Find the best methods and techniques to maximize learning for all personality types.
This book demonstrates proven solutions! The effective tools outlined in this book will guide you to motivate students to learn, harness their desire and potential, and empower each individual to overcome any challenge. As a comprehensive guide to successful learning, this book is a must-have for educators, parents, and students. Get your copy today!
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