Susan Fitzell’s Resource CD

2009, version 1

This MS Window autoplay CD contains a wealth of resources from Susan’s websites all on one handy disk. Mac and Linux users may access the contents by browsing the CD. The contents include:

Conflict Resolution and Classroom Management Resources

  • How to Choose A Martial Arts School
  • The Conflict Toolbox
  • Developmental Stages and Stages of Moral Development, and Their Impact on the Curriculum
  • Discipline vs. Punishment
  • Key Discipline Techniques
  • What Can You Do to Help the Victims of Bullies
  • Is Your Child Being Bullied?
  • Personalized Safety Plan
  • The Cycle of Relationship Violence

Differentiated Instruction Resources

Background Information and Resources


  • IEP Adaptation Chart (DOC and PDF)
  • Homework Rubric examples
  • Request for Update form letter (DOC)
  • Start of school year letter to parents form letter (DOC)
  • Special Ed to Regular Ed coordination form (PDF)
  • Special Ed accomodations form (PDF)
  • Special Ed to Regular Ed progress report form letter (DOC)


  • Grading in the Diverse Classroom Outline (PDF)
  • Grading Special Education Students in the General Classroom (PDF)
  • Levels of Service (PDF)

IEP Profile Examples:

  • Auditory Processing Issues
  • Emotional / Behavioral Difficulties
  • Specific Learning Disability (Two examples)
  • Visual Processing Issues

Behavior Management Cue Card (PDF and JPG)
Famous People Activity
Multiple Intelligence checklists for students and teachers/parents
MS Word Autosummarize Example
Bloom’s Taxonomy Flowchart
Brain-based Learning Techniques Diagram
Classroom Rules Example
Lesson Plan Helper Mindmap
Middle School Inclusion Model Diagram
Co-teaching Roles and Responsibilities
Special Ed / General Ed Collaboration Models

Interventions and Adaptations

Adaptation Information and Examples:

  • 30 Differentiation Strategies, in brief
  • Brain-based Factors that Influence Attention for Learning
  • Difficulty – Adaptation Quick Reference
  • Levels of Service Best-Practice Guidelines
  • Power of Color Research Indicators
  • Subject-specific Adaptation Ideas

Math and Language Arts:

  • Clustering Process Instructions
  • Color Coded Grammar Snapshot Device
  • Corporate Tax Color-coding Example
  • Fitzpell Flashcard Examples
  • Math Grid and Lines For Math templates

Science and History:

  • Resume Differentiation Example
  • Taxonomy Diagram

Powerpoint Timers

Mandalas – Ten unique and royalty-free mandalas to use in your classrooms

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