Tech4Teachers Portable Applications Collection

Tech4Teachers Portable Applications CollectionOne of the most common issues raised by teachers when discussing how to use technology to support best-practice teaching strategies has to do with difficulties in either getting the software solutions they need installed on their school computers or the frustration that comes from their assigned computer being completely reloaded for every new school year.
We’ve researched a collection of free or open source, portable technology solutions that support the strategies that Susan Fitzell talks about most in her seminars and when coaching, then we compiled them all in a single, easy-to-use package, ready to install on your USB flash drive or a directory on your computer.
This tool uses the PortableApps menu system to easily run these applications from a USB flash drive. As an added bonus, the Iron web browser (an open source version of the Chrome browser), included in the package, is pre-configured with a selection of FREE websites and web-based tools that supplement or support the applications included on the drive!
371MB .ZIP File pre-configured and ready to download and install on your own USB flash drive.
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